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ONUWe've changed our name to Onu!

August 31 , 2022

We’ve changed our name from GymBuddy to Onu! We changed our name to Onu to better embody our mission — helping groups and teams build strong relationships and invest in their collective wellness. GymBuddy was focused on fitness challenges, but Onu’s focus will be wellness challenges.

We heard from you that with all of the difficulties and changes we face today — pandemics, working from home — your overall health and wellness is top of mind. Onu will help you develop any kind of healthy habit or routine that’s important to you. GymBuddy’s focus on helping you connect and build stronger relationships with the people in your life remains the same with Onu. In fact, Onu is inspired by the Igbo word for “togetherness.” Cultivating togetherness is at the core of what we’re building at Onu.

In addition to our new focus on overall wellness, Onu’s team is undergoing a big shift! GymBuddy was originally run as a side project by one person, our co-founder Chine. When she received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, feature suggestions, and requests to use the app with larger groups, she knew that her side project was solving a real problem. To meet the growing demands, Chine decided to bring on a co-founder, Lindsey, and work on Onu full time! We’re really excited to dedicate more time and energy to building tools that help you and your team build a healthier lifestyle in community with your friends, family, and coworkers.

With all of that said, we have tons of delightful updates on the way. Here’s a peek at what to expect:

  • Additional point systems to help you and your group focus on overall wellness
  • Support for larger groups and work teams so that you can use Onu to connect and build camaraderie with your team in this remote-first world
  • More customizable features so you can tailor your challenge to your needs

This is just the beginning! The Onu team is excited to build towards our vision of collective wellness and team connectedness!

We’d love to hear from you! Want to learn more about how Onu can work for you and your group? Have ideas for new features? You can reach out directly to our co-founder Lindsey at We look forward to hearing from you!